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Wedge Anchor / Toggle Anchor / Frame Anchor

Wedge Anchor

Stainless wedge anchor korea
Item Size(mm) Packing
HSWA 10x75 10×75 500
HSWA 12x100 12×100 250
HSWA 12x120 12×120 250
HSWA 12x150 12×150 200
HSWA 16x100 16×100 120
HSWA 16x120 16×120 120

Toggle Anchor

toggle wedge anchor korea
    • Photo frames, paintings, clocks, small speakers, towel holders, curtain rails etc.
    • Used for acoustics such as interior design or movie theaters
    • Easy work with a driver that does not need self-drilling anchors, drill bits, or punching
    • A new anchor that can easily be installed on a hollowed wall such as plaster board or plywood
Item Size(mm) Packing
HSTOA-A 4~12 1,000 100*10
HSTOA-B 12~16 1,000 100*10

Frame Anchor

    • A construction that requires high load carrying capacity, best for fixing on windows or door-frames.
    • Used when distance between parent metal and extraneous matter is long.
    • Best for preventing wood frame distortion, and easy to adjust distance between parent metal and extraneous matter.
    • Simple installation, and the final work looks neat with a finishing cap
Item Size(mm) Packing
HSHT8*92 8x92 1,000
HSHT8*112 8x112 800
HSHT10*132 10x132 400
HSHT10*152 10x152 400
HSHT10*182 10x182 300
HSHT10*202 10x202 300