CEO Greeting


HYESUNG Industry has the latest plastic injection producing facilities that are built by our original technology.

Since its foundation in 1998, it has been manufacturing various products including nylon anchors(knife blocks), disks, panel caps(roof, circular, linear), inserts, a variety of screws and anchors used for construction and self-assembly with its excellent technology and quality.

The market both home and abroad is changing rapidly as developing countries are increasing their market share and as Korean companies’ competitiveness is becoming weaker.

Even under this hostile environment, Hyesung Industry is doing its best to come up with excellent products that can lead the industry by consistently innovating technology and by improving business management strategies.

HYESUNG Industry will continue to become a leader in the construction and self-assembly material industry by focusing on developing new products with its company’s business philosophy: "A small but strong company equipped with an iron will"